People say, “do one thing that scares you every day.”
I say, “Does it really have to be everyday? I mean, once in a while should be more than enough. heehee”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to faint or puke out my guts. I felt a little dizzy when I looked down and saw where I’m about to fall into. Might have broken the record in Guinness for the most number of swear words per minute as I contemplated whether to jump or just collapse with finesse from that 25-foot high cliff. Finally, I made up my mind and descended…
…to the lower level. It was about 8 foot high this time. So I looked down again feeling more confident this time. Coz DUH, it was just 8 foot high. But guess what, all I uttered was “HELL NO, THERE’S NO WAY I AM JUMPING FROM THIS 8-FOOT HIGH, NEVAH IN THIS LIFETIME.GANERN!”

I was firm with my decision, that is until I saw a couple of guys jumping from the highest point with their rock-hard abs. And so I told myself, “This lady is soo damn fine and tough, she’ll jump ten times in this cliff then pretend to drown so those hotties would save her.”
And so I jumped.


Well after 30 FREAKIN’ MINUTES (or so it seemed to me)! And I didn’t have to pretend that I drowned coz I really did—for at least 2 seconds. Alas someone else saved me, not those hotties. But my friends—my friends whose eyes turned white while waiting for me to commit to the jump.

End of story.
That’s pretty much how I sum up my cliff diving experience in Tali Beach. Haha! But seriously, it felt good to have finally conquered one of my fears. I mean I am fond of jumping (especially jumping off conclusions) but this one’s for the books! Even from that 8 foot-high jump off point (shut up, I’m still proud), it has never felt sooo liberating… The adrenaline was just too real, and it felt so good to finally let go and do that thing that only the daring take. And before I relate this to my feelings and bring up all my “hugot” (which I’m not really fond of sharing in ganernderlust) here are 7 tips on how weekends with your family and friends should be like:
1. Did you know that adrenaline rush can help you cope with everyday life? It releases stress and makes you feel empowered like you’re the king of the world. Activities like cliff diving is highly encouraged and best experienced with loved ones or friends!

I’ve been to Tali on several occasions, this one’s with my officemates
Usually with my friends!

2. Tali Beach is a private residential community in Nasugbu, Batangas. Only residents or guests of the residents can have access to its beach and other outdoor activities such as cliff diving and other water sports. Fortunately to us who prefer owning a property somewhere else (and/or does not have the financial capacity to own a Tali property hahaha) some residents rent out their houses, making the cliff diving experience accessible to the public. Rent usually costs 10k and up depending on the house and the number of guests. For more info, click on this link👉🏻 – TALI BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT

here’s also a video from my friend’s birthday celebration in Tali Beach (Balay ni Fe)

here’s another Tali house for rent! Quite far from the cliff but it is located in front of the beach
View from the house
taken in Balay Ni Fe, another house for rent in Tali
this is house 12 from the link I posted

3. If you think cliff diving in Tali is just a trip from that suking tindahan, well sorry to break it to you but it will take you at least 2 to 3 hours via private car coming from Manila. Take SLEX, and take either the Eton or Sta. Rosa exit, follow the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road, then the Tagaytay-Nasugbu road. Upon reaching KM 92 on an intersection, turn right then just follow the road ‘til you reach another intersection (Shell) then turn right again. You’ll pass by Nasugbu town proper. Tali Beach is located after Munting Buhangin resort. If you find my directions a little complicated, use Waze or Google Maps!
4. There are no available convenience stores near Tali so that means you have to come prepared.

5. Best time to jump is in the morning until lunch time. Make sure to keep your legs together and maintain a straight posture when jumping to prevent injuries, or any kind of body pain or bruises you might get from the pressure.


jump off point

6. If you think you’ll die if you jump, that’s okay BB. Don’t force yourself. You don’t have to prove anything and no one’s pushing you to do so (BUT HEY YOU GOTTA JUMP FROM THAT CLIFF TO MAXIMIZE YOUR STAY! DON’T BE SUCH A WUSS.). You can still have a good time by bumming with a beer in your hand in Sunset beach, 3-minute walk from the cliff.

great inuman spot near the cliff
Tali beach sunset

7. Lastly, take as much pictures as you can! It’s not every day that you get to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping activity like this with your friends and loved ones!


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