Rue Bourbon: Of Gastronomical Comfort and High Spirits


Summer is indeed over as the “ber” season hits us with endless warnings of rainfall, low pressure area formation, tropical depression, and the like. I don’t know about you but this cold weather we are experiencing gently reacts with my system, sending signals to my brain, telling me to “E-A-T” with occasional “D-R-I-N-K” signals too.

And of course, being my normal “marupok” self, I let my brain take over (because really, my heart’s telling me to say “NO” –that’s how things changed throughout the years, guys, okay? Mind over Heart na ako, ganern!)

I have been pushing this “NO DIET” diet advocacy since the beginning of the month, so when I was invited by Aldous, a big food enthusiast/blogger, to check out Rue Bourbon’s menu, my knees nearly gave out from disbelief (such a perfect timing!) and I said, “yes beh!” (okay, you might see occasional “beh” or “baks” in my post; that’s just how I call everyone).

I’ve known Rue Bourbon as one of the first bar/restaurants in the metro that offers Caramel beer and that’s all I have been ordering ever since. Little did I know that aside from their renowned perfect brew, they also have seriously scrumptious food selection.

Let me begin with the “starters.”

Little head’s up: the first three pictures may look disturbing coz I took a photo after I realized that we’ve almost finished it. Anyway, it’s my “opinion” that matters anyway, haha!


Bourbon Onion Rings. Panko breaded onion rings, deep fried until golden brown and crisp. Served with original BBQ sauce and chili remoulade. It’s pretty much like the regular onion rings but made better because of the delicious dip.


Calamari N’ Fries. Panko breaded squid strips, deep fried until golden brown. Served with spicy aioli dip. Did I mention how good their dip was? Of course I did. It makes the fries and calamari even more savoury.


Sisig Nachos. Crisp colorful tortilla chips, topped with sautéed pork sisig and red onions. How ingenious of them to include the all-time favorite “pinoy pulutan” (Filipino appetizer) in this dish. It was really scrumptious and my favorite among the starters!

Since I’ve started the night right, let’s now get down to the real deal.


Four Cheese Pizza. Thin crust pizza with generous amount of cheeses partnered with chili verde and habanero sauce.


Rockefeller Oysters. I am a complete sucker for cheese and this just made my night. IT WAS SO CREAMY I WANNA DIE and be covered with cheese.

So there I was, eating the oysters as if “wala-nang-makakapigil-sa-akin”, when three sets of dip were served in right in front of me. I wondered if the waiter read my mind that time for he knew I went gaga with the starters’ dip and served me a bigger one—all with CHEESE! In that moment, all thoughts of Shaun T, HipHop abs, Belly Dancing 101, the Nike Training app, Zumba for beginners, and all other fitness tutorials I did during the summer, went out the window.DIP, DIP, CHEESE, CHEESE, CHEESE!!!

The “DIP” collection


Beef Marinara Dip. Marinara based with flavored beef, topped with oregano mayo sauce and chifonade basil. Served with toasted sour bread.


Pizza Dip. Based of cheese with pomodoro sauce, topped with cheese, ground beef and pepperoni. Oven to perfection. Served with toasted sour bread.


Spinach Dip. Cheesy sautéed spinach. Served with toasted sour bread. MY TOP PICK among the dip selection!


Wings Platter. Composed of Buffalo Wings – breaded deep fried chicken wings tossed with their spicy buffalo sauce; Bourbon Wings – breaded deep fried chicken wings in sweet and spicy bourbon sauce; Asian Wings – breaded deep fried chicken wings in sweet chili cilantro sauce. Served with blue cheese dip and vegetable sticks. Don’t even think about making me choose among the three! That’s like asking who my favorite parent is. I love them all coz I love chicken!

Good news for seafood lovers because Rue Bourbon also offers appetizing treats. It looked really appealing but I wasn’t able to taste it coz I have an allergic reaction to seafood.

imageAngel Hair Pasta. Garlic olive oil based with sautéed mussels and shrimp, tossed with angel hair pasta.

imageSeafood Lasagna. Home-made seafood lasagna with special mint tea sauce.


Shrimp Po’Boy. A New Orleans style of French roll.

And now, it’s time to reveal the highlight of Rue Bourbon’s menu—ladies and gentleman, people of all ages, grab those tissues for an extreme mouth-watering experience brought to you by THE JUICY RIBS!!!!


I literally went WILD! I wanted to just take both and run and eat it by myself but of course, I had to maintain my composure so anyway…


Half Slab Baby Back Ribs
Double Juicy Ribs
Double Juicy Ribs

Half Slab Baby Back Ribs and Double Juicy Ribs. Served with java rice, buttered corn and potato fries. Oven heated to tenderness and perfection. And perfect they were, indeed! The meat does not fall off the bone but, it was ridiculously juicy and tender! My favorite thing about the ribs is that it comes with its own toppings/sauce. You may choose one and can just add 35php if you wish to add another.


Choose Your Topping: Spiced Garlic (new), Chocolate, Caramel, Chicharon, Sriracha, Pesto, Chimichurri, Cajun Parmesan.

Honestly, every topping works well with the ribs. I guess it depends on your own preference. Personally, I favor the caramel, pesto, and Cajun parmesan!

You’ve learned about the food, now it’s time to explore what Rue is famous for—the flavored beer! The partner you’ve been praying for all these years is here! Well at least during the sweater weather—or any weather, perhaps in my case. Hehe.

The BIG ASS BEER selection and my personal “a.k.a.’s“ for each:


Caramel – THE BEST SELLER. Need I say more?

Roasted Hazelnut THE NUTTY-rious. It tasted like fresh hazelnut. I’d love to partner it with chocolate for an experiment. Really good!

Apple – “THE CURE’—you know what we say about apples. It keeps the doctor away. Definitely tastes like apple!

Cucumber – “the STUNNER”. I didn’t know it works well as beer until I had a taste. My second favorite!

Lychee – “the SWEETIE PATOOTIE”. It’s sweet, it’s fruity, and it doesn’t taste like beer at all! It’s a good choice for first time beer drinkers for a mild experience.

Rose – “the SWEETHEART”. Better as a drink than in a bouquet!

Strawberry Craft – ‘the NEWBIE”. It is one of the newest beer selections in Rue. It has a bittersweet taste mainly because it is a draft beer. A potential hit for strawberry lovers.

Hazelnut Beer

Aside from the flavored beers, Rue also offers a fusion of beer and hard liquor which I personally call as the “the HALF BREEDs” a.k.a. BEER COCKTAILS

KAMPAI With a fellow “Iska”, Ivone! Enjoying the beer cocktail and the big-ass caramel beer!

Beergarita. Tequila, orange liqueur, orange syrup and stout beer.


The Philippine Lime. Calamansi and cherry syrup with fresh draft beer. This one’s really refreshing! It’s as if I was drinking a punch or something.

Lastly, the “PURE BREEDs” or the 100% hard alcoholic beverages.

imageAlexander the Great. Bourbon whiskey, spiced syrup, fresh lime, honey, ginger ale. I’d simply describe it as an alcoholic salabat (ginger tea).


Orange Lychee Bottled Cocktail. A refreshing mix of orange and lychee! It was too sweet for me, though.


Cocktail Balls. A cocktail with an edible ball that contains 25% alcohol. Comes in a variety of flavors: Purple Ball – vodka grapes; Green Ball – tequila lime; Yellow Ball – tequila lemon. It’s like their own version of the alcoholic “jellos” but get this—the ball was like “jackstone-ball” hard but tastes really good!


Crystal Ball. Tennessee whiskey, lemon and honey, fresh draft beer. Instantly reminded me of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire episode. It’s quite a drink!

The Foodie Group!
The very nice and accomodating people of Rue Bourbon Salcedo

You may check out Rue Bourbon’s menu and pricelist on ZOMATO.

Again, it’s the “ber” season or should I say the “beer” season and Rue Bourbon is where you’d rather be than getting stuck in one helluva traffic, with your butt simmering in your seat.

Life is a matter of choice. You can either choose: Western Pub ambiance with good music, even greater food and “adult” refreshments colder than your ex’s heart


the cacophony sounds of vehicular honking, rising flood level on some occasions, or your continuous pursuit of forever in the metro?

And in case you chose wisely (good for you!), here’s a quick access:


Rue Bourbon Salcedo

G/F Aguirre Bldg. 108 H.V Dela Costa Cor Tordesillas St. Salcedo Village, Makati City

Landline: (02) 553-4216

They also have branches in The Fort, Eastwood, and Tagaytay. Click HERE for more information.


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