LEYT[S]E Plan: The Four-day Leyte Province Adventure, PART 2 (Cuatro Islas)

Day 3 – (Inopacan – Cuatro Islas – Ormoc)

Canigao sunrise

We woke up at exactly 5am the next day (okay fine, maybe around 5:20-ish) for our unique island tour care of, well, ourselves! Since our San Juanico run didn’t push through, and you don’t call us “PABEBE GIRLS” for nothing, we decided to go around the island on foot.

That early morning run was prolly one of our best decisions that day for we witnessed one lovely sunrise. We ran while we admire the colourful sky, the white sand, the coconut trees swaying in the wind, the scattered corals along the beach— the totality of Canigao.

Island tour on foot!

We wanted to stay longer but you know how travellers should be—“UNATTACHED” hehe (will have a deeper discussion about this on a separate write-up CHAR). We swam for a little bit then left the island at 9am.

last glimpse of Canigao
At Matalom port, bye bye Alex Deb and Kate 😦

Kate, Deb, and Alex had to be back in Manila in the afternoon, so Joyce and I continued with our Leyt(s)e adventure. From Matalom, we went to Inopacan for the Cuatro Islas tour.

Cuatro Islas is composed of four islands: Apid, Digyo, and Mahaba Island from the municipality of Inopacan, and Himokilan Island from Hindang.

So anyway, here’s another LECHE alert. Since August is not a peak season for tourists, Joyce and I had no choice but to go for the 2,000-peso rental fee for the boat ride (sorry guys, we are kuripot like that). It was originally at 2,500 pesos but with great convincing power, comes great discount! Ganern!

banca selfie with kuya bancero na matapang CHAR

Excited, Joyce and I boarded this small boat with snacks we got from a nearby market (10 pieces of turon con langka, 5 pieces of slightly rotting ponkan, and three pieces of mais Tagalog). We were happily singing on the boat until we were welcomed by the deathly waves of the Philippine Sea. We tried to be calm because our banceros seemed so cool about it and we wanted to look “cool and brave” too but LECHE! agaw buhay kami, guys! All the while all I could think of was, “Well at least we’ll die with a happy heart, sa Pilipinas kong mahal”. The struggle was (wait, it was more than a struggle; it was more of a near death experience) way too real.

And since we strongly believe that we were “cats” in our past life, we arrived in Mahaba Island in one amazing piece (‘only 8 lives remaining now, Joyce!’). Mahaba Island, as the name suggests, is the largest of them all. It was covered with lush vegetation and surrounded by crystalline sea water. So there we were, literally open- jawed, AWESTRUCK with the beauty in front of us.

Mahaba Island
muni-muni about life plus #pwetstagram


kapatiran 2k15

We stayed for a good 30-minute of mowdeling (modelling) then headed to Apid.

Unlike Mahaba Island’s virgin beach, Apid Island was more of, for a lack of a better term, the “experienced” one. The place has established a small community so it was not as serene and peaceful as the uninhabited Mahaba Island, but it still boasted a beauty of its own. I heard that the Apid community produces stunning hand-woven crafts; alas we were too preoccupied with our video project that we did not get to explore the community as much as we would have liked to. We decided to chill in the coral-y part of the island (the less populated area) for half an hour then decided said our farewell to the place.

Welcome to Apid Island!
formation! watch out for our video soon!
Joyce, trying to maintain her composure

Our last destination was the most beaut of all—Digyo Island! Unfortunately, we were not able to visit Himokilan Island because it is outside the municipality of Inopacan; fortunately, that meant more tambay time in Digyo.

Digyo Island

And tambay we did! We immediately set up my long skirt-turned-beach-blanket and took a nap. It was right after we woke up (after 40 minutes, yeah, nap game strong kami mga beh) that we realized we’re missing out on a lot of things by lazing about. We warmed up a little by snacking on scrumptious turon and sticky mais tagalog and then “ hell yiiihaaa, IT IS OOONNN BEACHes!” Paaak! Ganern!

Joyce, eating corn with composure
Ever beautiful Digyo with the rest of the Cuatro Islas in the background
Strengthening our friendship through #pwetstagram

Digyo was the smallest yet the most beautiful which deserved the LECHE!-pakaGANDA-di-ko-na-naman-kinakaya award! It also has strikingly white sands, remarkably crystal-clear water, and well-formed sandbars on both ends of the island (which I was not able to capture on cam coz of the high tide). Just like in Canigao, solar powered lamp posts and modest accommodations are found in the island. Unfortunately, we had made other plans so we just stayed there until 5pm.

Hallelujah! Our boat ride back to the mainland was not as treacherous as the first ride (we still have 8 lives remaining anyway so whatever waves, keep it coming! CHAR!).

It was almost 6pm when we reached the docking area of Inopacan and we were debating whether to spend the rest of the night there or head to Ormoc, which lasted only three seconds. In the end, we made the decision of going to Ormoc. We ate isaw while waiting for a commuter van to arrive which took 15 minutes!

It took us another hour and a half to get to Ormoc. Upon arriving, we did the unimaginable. Charot lang. We ate dinner at JOLLIBEE, because “bida ang saya” eh! We then scouted for a cheap hostel /hotel/room. Our budget was 700php only and luckily, after checking out 3 hotels we came upon Sugarland Suites! It was pretty decent accommodation for a 750php fee. We got to enjoy a fully air-conditioned room with cable tv, a moving bed (i know right, anong trip nila?), a private bathroom (without hot shower by the way), and free wifi! (PAAAK! Our main access to the world!)

As I lied down next to Joyce, I thought to myself, “ang lakas ng hilik nya guys, paano ako makakatulog?” (‘she was snoring like a monster, how can I possibly sleep?!’) With no other plans the next day, I closed my eyes and whispered to myself, “tuloy and mowdeling bukas, goodnight World.”


(LEYT[S]E PLAN story to be continued.. PART 3, the last part don’t worry)

Travel Tips:


—————————————————————nothing follows——————————————————–

Joyce, sleeping with composure while I just got up from my third pee-ing escapade jk only


Van ride from Matalom to Inopacan 80php
Lunch (in the nearest carinderia) 80php (nakadalawang ulam ako e)
Boat rental (2000/2) 1000php
Snacks 50php each
Isaw 20php (naka two rounds ako)
Van ride from Inopacan to Ormoc 120php
Dinner (at Jollibee) 115php (spag with chicken yuuuum!)
Midnight snack 50php (each)
Accomodation (750/2) 375php
Day 3 Total 1,890php

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