LEYT[S]E Plan: The Four-day Leyte Province Adventure, PART 1 (Canigao Island)


Leche – According to http://www.newsgra.ph, Leche is a Spanish word which means milk. However, leche in Tagalog is a negative remark towards anything annoying.

DAY 1 (Tacloban-Palampon-Ormoc-Matalom)

I can’t exactly remember how many times we said “Leche” on our first day in Leyte. We’ve planned everything three months early coz we were all excited for this annual all-girl adventure but we got off the plane unprepared of the unfortunate event(s) waiting for us. Let me put the ka-leche-han in bullet form:

Leche! because of the pa “BEBE” weather. Nothing stopped the rain from falling that day. So yeah, our “San Juanico” run got cancelled.

-From the airport, we rode a van to Palompon to get to the famous and awesome sandbar of Kalanggaman Island only to find out, upon arriving at Palompon , that all boat trips were cancelled because of the bad weather. Yup, LECHE! again, guys.

-Nothing much to see in Palompon so we decided to go to Matalom (where Canigao Island is located), instead. We were all hopeful to hit the beach by 5pm but LECHE! coz our van ride took us forever to get to Matalom.

-We did not make any reservations in Matalom, the “hotels” were fully booked already, so we were forced to stay in a small room which seemed like a “motel” and mind you, it’s not even the SOGO type (and by that I mean not SO clean, and not SO Good). So yeah, LECHE!

most decent photo from Day 1’s series of ka-LECHE-han

DAY 2 (Canigao Island)

We won a black out LECHE on our first day but just like the “PABEBE GIRLS“, nothing and no one can stop us from having fun. So, just like Popoy (after breaking up with Basha) we moved on and started our second day with a hopeful heart.

Matalom port to Canigao, mowdeling pa rin!

After two hours of praying, eating two-day old (or more) bread from the local bakery, making friends with the people of Matalom, and empowering each other, the boat that would take us to Canigao Island finally arrived! EY-MEN!!!!!

It took us 20-30mins (longer than the normal travel time of 15 minutes because of the strong waves) to get to the island and as soon as our feet touched the white sand, we instantly went WILD! like JURASSIC WILD because LECHE! the island was TOO BEAUTIFUL we can’t eveeeen. It was clean, serene, and pristine–a place we truly deserve after that series of unfortunate events.

such beaut! CANIGAO ISLAND

We hurriedly set-up the tents, changed in our bikinis, and started mowdeling in the island! PAAAK!!! It was windy and the waves were crashing like there’s no tomorrow but we didn’t care. We played, we sang like mermaid divas, and we took unlimited photos of the beauty around us. Then, WE GOT HUNGRY. What I love about Canigao is its freshest and cheapest seafood evaaar… Imagine a pail-full of oysters for only 100pesos, parrot fish for 100pesos per kilo, and a giant squid for 80 pesos. I was like “GUYS, BOCHA BA ‘TO?! DEADZ na ba tayo pagkakain nito?” But hey, we still managed to drink, swim, and play around after!


one of the accomodations in the island, Canigao tree house
i was playing while they were pee-ing, char
playing in an abandoned boat
the ever fresh seeafood selection in the island
looking for Papa P
Canigao sunset

As the sun set, we realized that we’re the only people left in the island (until a couple who were flirting while walking appeared from nowhere) but we still want to believe that we’re the only people there so let’s just leave it at that. hehe. It was the perfect time for the AFLAB drill (Alak-at-Friendship-lang-ang-Baon). Kate, Deb, Alex, Joyce, and I drank alcohol while we laugh about stories from good ol’ college days, our past lovers, and our TOWGAs (the-one-who-got-away) yes, may ganeeern! We signed off early (around 12) coz we have to be up early for a unique island tour.

AFLAB session

(LEYTSE PLAN story to be continued…)

Travel Tips:


2. The following are the rates in Canigao Island

3. There are stores available (open from 10am to 4pm) if you do not have “baon” like us but I highly suggest you bring some food and of course, ALCOHOL!!!

4. There’s electricity in the island (from the generator) but you will be charged a certain amount if you wish to charge your gadgets (unless you book a room). Solar powered lamp posts (thanks to the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities) automatically lit up at night.

Drinking in style! Thanks to our solar powered lamp post!

5. Do not forget to take a shower before 7pm because the water pump works on certain hours only. Since we were too busy with our AFLAB moment, we had to take a bath outside the common comfort room to manually get water from the “poso”. NGINIG SA LAMIG, MAN!

Alex, Deb, Me, Joyce, Kate
“Walang makakapigil”

Budget breakdown:

Day 1

Breakfast upon arrival (Silog with coffee) – 50php

Van from the airport to Van/bus station – 60php

Van ride from Tacloban to Palompon – 150php

Lunch at Palompon – 100php

Van ride from Palompon to Ormoc – 110php

Van ride from Ormoc to Matalom – 150php

Tricycle ride from Matalom station to hotel – 20php (each)

Accommodation (600php divided by 5) – 120php

Dinner (lechon manok, junk foods, wine, etc) – 250php

Day 2

Tricycle from hotel to Matalom port – 20php each

Breakfast – 30php

Boat ride (usually at 80php per head but since we were the only tourists there plus a couple, we had to shoulder the 2500php boat rental) – 358php

Environmental fee (per head) – 20php

Tent pitching fee (400php for the 2tents divided by 5) – 80php

Lunch and dinner (oyster, fish, squid, water, coke,beer) – 100Php

Total 1,618PhP

nothing but L-O-V-E ❤️ for my girls

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