Yeah, I was there but I refuse to use the hashtag “LABORACAY” in all my labor day weekend posts because it is too overrated. Haha! I prefer using “LAY”bor”AKAY” because it was LITERALLY all about laying flat on thy back or (someone else’s back) and endless “AKAY”-an coz some were wasted (except for me coz i was documenting everything hahahah) and some naman “inakay” at “nang-akay” pauwi (tuwang tuwa ang mga abangers jusko sana walang nagsisi sa inyo haha)

But guys, we, workers, deserve that walwalan weekend coz it’s labor day celebration after all.

So to everyone who partied in Boracay last May 1, yung mga heartbroken who found love in a hopeless place, yung mga magjowa na nag-away (kasi nahuli nang che-check-out ng iba) pero nagbati ulit, yung mga nagkaroon ng selective amnesia the morning after, yung mga “abangers” na nagkaroon ng chance kahit isang gabi lang, yung mga “abangers” din na kahit sobrang lasing na yung inaabangan e nganga pa rin, yung mga nawalan ng cellphone dahil sa mapagsamantalang kawatan, yung mga umiinom at sumusuka na parang forever’s not enough, yung mga naglalasing lasingan pero iced tea pala iniinom na sinalin sa bote ng beer,  at yung mga hindi sumasayaw talaga pero napa indak ng todo todo like G force, MABUHAY KAYO!!!!! MABUHAY TAYO!!!!

Here’s the full video of our “LAY”bor”AKAY” celebration! Watch it in HD please.


1. DO NOT bring your cellphones when partying especially if you know you’re gonna be wasted. Unfortunately, almost half of the tourists (data based on my observation only hehe) lost their phones while partying because some kawatans (thieves) strike when they know you’re too wasted to even notice anything. Half of our group said goodbye to their iPhones. Huhers 😦 But if you are stubborn like me, go bring that phone with you. I did warn you. haha!

2. If you have hyperacidity like me, make sure you take antacids or other anti-hyperacidity medicines before you party. It will prevent premature breakdowns, meltdowns, or whatever kids call it these days when they get drunk.

3. If you are a “Laboracay” virgin, I suggest you visit Station 1 (Sur or White House) because they have the WALWALest sunset parties (and take note, it is absolutely FREE!). Party usually starts at 4pm and you may want to rest a little bit by 7 or 8pm to have dinner then party again after! Wahoooo!

4. Aside from parties, it is best to get up a little early (or late whichever you prefer) and experience Boracay’s beauty by taking a dip in the beautiful beach.  (btw, the lumot has an appeal of its own) You may also want to try thrilling activities like the G-max ride, water activities such as flying fish, parasailing, scuba diving, and helmet diving, mermaid lessons and cliff diving at Ariel’s point.

during our mermaid lesson
during our mermaid lesson
Boracay Beach
Boracay Beach

5. Try the famous Chori Burger and Jonah’s fruitshake while sun bathing or making paandar in the beach. A bottle of fruitshake ranges from 70-160Php.

6. Maximize your Laboracay experience by visiting Station 1 and 2 during lunch time or in the afternoon because a lot of games, giveaways and freebies, and other promo offers await. I actually won gift certificates from Regatta, freebies from Rustan’s and Solar care of 2ndAveTv when I joined their #WeAreBraver contest. Yay!!

7. If you feel that Station 1 to 4 seems a little too crowded, you may want to visit  Spider House located at Diniwid beach. Relax and dive straight from their view deck and witness the sunset from their bamboo treehouse.

photo taken at Spider House
photo taken at Spider House
sunset at Spider House
sunset at Spider House

8. Since alcohol and other bisyos are too expensive at the party venues, we buy our own supply of liquor in the convenience store and smuggle it into the party. heehee. “BEST IN PAGTATAGO” is the name of the game.

9. Since you’ll be out most of the time, try to book a cheap hotel near your preferred party location (Station 1 or Station 2, perhaps). It would be easier for you to recharge and get home when you’re too wasted. We stayed in Lakbayan Hotel for only Php1,200 per night for an airconditioned room with cable TV and private comfort room.

10. Last but not the least, DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS (unless they’re good looking (based on your standards naman, charot) and have a pleasing personality) because that STRANGER will surely take you home. hehe. But seroiusly, Landi Responsibly, okay?

with my bora baby who landi-ed responsibly heehee
with my bora baby who landi-ed responsibly heehee

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