Coron, Palawan: Best In The Beachness

SUN and LOVE. That’s simply how I would describe my trip to Coron, Palawan. (Thanks Lanfranchi, for my official Coron video soundtrack).

I have been a beach junkie since Leonardo-knows-how-long and Coron, my dear kafreshness, is the best in the beachness (See what I did there???)! Pucho hens ap (put your hands up!)

It literally has everything—from lagoons, rock formations, limestones, ship wrecks, coral gardens, white sand beaches, breath-taking sandbars, diving spots, and outrageously amazing views! All of which I enjoyed under the scorching heat of the sun, (and it didn’t really matter ‘cause I was too busy playing and taking pictures/videos) with my two girlfriends, Tina and Nyl.

swimming with our dear little friends
Twin Lagoon took my breath away
purest sand of Banana Island

I didn’t expect Coron to be that aaaah(my gosh)mazing ‘cause i never really heard a “BOOM PAK!” story about it. That’s basically the reason why I’m writing about it and yes, even made a video (coz that’s how I roll, so expect those amateur videos in my next travel posts). What made the trip really unforgettable was that we were able to squeeze in 9 destinations in two days and met 236 new friends (kidding, that’s too much, it was more like 20+ lang) who shared the same interest: travel. Anyway, meet everybody and know my “BOOM PAK” SUN and LOVE-filled Coron experience in this video: CORON TRIP VIDEO (watch it in 720p HD setting please!)

P.S. I asked all the (well-traveled) foreigners that I met during the trip what the best beach they’ve ever gone to was and they all answered: “Palawan!” See? I don’t call it “BEST IN THE BEACH-NESS” for nothing! Haha! In this trip, I also met the German photographer/graphic designer Olivier Hennebert, and solo backpacker, Will de Leon, who funds his trip through his three dimsum food stalls (He says “NO” to being a corporate slave since sagabal daw ang trabaho sa mga lakad nya). Both take really awesome pictures of their travels. I still get in touch with them through Facebook and update each other about our upcoming trips.

Our view while having lunch. photo by Will de Leon
Limestones. photo by Will de Leon
No Filter. photo by Olivier Hennebert

Travel tips:

*Allot at least seven days to experience and explore Coron (That’s why i’ll definitely go back)

*It would be really practical to stay in hostels or backpacker’s lodges since you’ll be out most of the time (Tours usually start at 7:30am and end at 6pm. We stayed in Coron Backpacker Guesthouse for 600php per room per night so that’s, like, 200php each for 3pax)

*Make sure to bring (or rent) snorkeling devices ‘cause Coron is just as beautiful underwater

*Ask your hotel for travel packages for an organized trip. We got ours for 1,000php (Ultimate Coron Tour inclusive of lunch, CYC beach, Kayangan lake, Twin Lagoon, Banol Beach, Lake Barracuda, Siete Pecados, Coral Garden, Ship Wreck) and 1,200php (Bulog Dos Island, Banana Beach, and Malcapuya Island, inclusive of lunch).


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